Purchased by Mr Mauro Pacini in 1983, Fattoria la Lecciaia is an enchanting property of 60 hectares, surrounded by the vineyards of some of the oldest and most renowned estates of Montalcino.


purchased by Mr Mauro Pacini in 1983, Fattoria la Lecciaia is an enchanting property of 60 hectares, surrounded by the vineyards of some of the oldest and most renowned estates of Montalcino.

The estate has 15 hectares of vineyards, of which 12 are registered for the production of Brunello di Montalcino. The rest of the property is under olives groves and woodlands.

The unique terroir of this small but world famous micro-area in the appellation of Montalcino, naturally enhances the scents and the elegance of Sangiovese grapes, allowing Fattoria la Lecciaia to produce the most quintessential “Brunello di Montalcino” wines: classic and intense, suited for long ageing.


In 2003 Fattoria la Lecciaia purchased a property of 90 hectares in the upcoming appellation of Montecucco, in the Tuscan Maremma.

In 16 hectares have been planted mainly with Sangiovese, but also with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vines. The modern fullness of the high quality wines produced from this area completes the range of typical Tuscan wines produced by the estate.

Le wine cellars

The estate’s wine-cellars are located in Montalcino and Campagnatico and have been recently enlarged and modernized . They are now equipped with the best installations, allowing for the most respectful winemaking techniques thus preserving the quality produced in the vineyards.

The buildings cover a surface of over 6,000 square meters, with a yearly winemaking capacity of 400 tons of grapes and a total cellar capacity of 15,000 hl of wine.
The buildings were constructed paying particular attention to the environmental impact, scrupulously observing the laws against pollution and recalling the traditional architectural style of Montalcino.

La loro edificazione è stata realizzata rivolgendo particolare attenzione al loro basso impatto ambientale, nella scrupolosa osservanza delle leggi per la prevenzione dell’inquinamento e nel rispetto dello stile architettonico tradizionale di Montalcino.

New projects

recently the Pacini Family has launched an ambitious development plan, the aim is to identify, valorize and diversify the different Sangiovese’s terroirs of the estate.

On the pre-existent vineyards a micro-zonation plan was introduced: the old vineyards producing high quality grapes are identified and worked separately, while in other vineyards several different Sangiovese clones have been selected for replanting, with the aim  to find the best synergy between the clone and the environment hosting it. To date, ten different Sangiovese clones are grown in the estate’s vineyards. Each one of them bring (or will bring) a significant contribution to the final complexity of La Lecciaia’s wines

Significant investments have been made to purchase exclusives new terroirs in Montalcino: recently 20 hectares were added (5 of which are already planted with Sangiovese). They are on top of the highest hills of the appellation (Passo del Lume spento, 630m asl). Extreme lands: with draining rocky soils, blessed by a microclimate hard to define, as it is influenced alternatively by the fresh mountain winds coming from the Monte Amiata and by the mild breezes coming from the Tyrrhenian sea.

The synergy between climate, altitude and soils gives the ideal conditions to produce unique and ancestrally styled Brunellos, unbelievably complex but with a solid varietal imprint.

The development plan also involves the winelands of Maremma: recently another forty hectares have been selected and purchased; twelve of these are already planted with vines and two more have been recently planted with Sangiovese. Different soils, climates and Sangiovese clones, requiring different growing management strategies: some vineyards are now certified organic, while on others several trials of precision irrigation are being made, aiming at optimizing the impact of Maremma’s terroir on the final quality of the grapes.

General Manager

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Fattoria la Lecciaia